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Booking Terms & Conditions 

By booking holiday accommodation with Byron Bay Accommodation Rentals/ Byron Bay Real Estate Agency you agree to the following terms and conditions

In response to the challenges presented by Covid 19, we will review our cancellation policy and adjust to align with government restrictions.

If you are unable to travel due to government travel restrictions related to Covid 19 and you cancel your booking more than 30 days prior to arrival, a full refund (less third party charges) will be offered.

If you are unable to complete your booking due to government travel restrictions related to Covid 19 and you cancel your booking within 30 days of arrival, our standard cancellation terms will apply.

If you are intending to book or stay, by agreeing to these terms, you warrant that all guests are not subject to travel restrictions and are covid free 

Bookings and Payments
1. All short term holiday accommodation bookings with (Byron Bay Accommodation Rentals/Byron Bay Real Estate Agency) are subject to these terms and conditions, which include any other terms and conditions stipulated on our websites, in your booking confirmation or otherwise in writing prior to check-in.
2. A booking, including an online booking, is not complete unless accepted by us via a Booking Confirmation email or otherwise in writing.
3. All bookings are subject to a non-refundable booking fee of $55.00

4.  If payment is made by credit card a 1.8% fee is applied.                                                                           

5. Full payment of the tariff and all other fees and charges is required within 24hrs at the time of booking for all bookings made within 30 days of the check-in date and for peak periods.
6. If the check-in date is outside a peak period and more than 30 days from the booking date then:
(i). 50% of the tariff payment is required at the time of booking plus the full booking fee; and
(ii). the balance is due 30 days before the check-in date.
7. You warrant and represent that all information provided by you in making your booking is true and correct.
8. On completion of your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email containing the details of your booking and itinerary. It is essential that you check the accuracy of your booking confirmation and contact staff within 24hrs to amend any incorrect details. Any changes to bookings after this time will be subject to approval.

Security Bond
9. Unless otherwise indicated a credit card security deposit of between $1000 – $2000 is required depending on the property. Where credit card details are provided, they may be stored securely and processed in accordance with these terms and conditions and any applicable laws and regulations (including the Australian Consumer Law).
10. You acknowledge that you will not be permitted entry to the property during any period that the security deposit remains unprocessed.
11. You agree that the security deposit may be used by us without reference to you in order to meet any fees or costs associated with:
(i). making good the property as a result of your use, misuse or neglect; or
(ii). any other breach of these terms and conditions, including but not limited to costs incurred for supplementary cleaning, call outs and/or security services.
12. Preauthorised bonds will be released under the terms of the merchant. Where a bond is actually paid we will endeavour to refund within 7 working days of departure, provided no claims for damages have been made. Should a claim for damages be made, we shall retain so much of the bond as we, in our absolute discretion, consider is sufficient to rectify the damages. We will return any balance to you as soon as practicable.
Arrival and Departure

13. Check-in time is strictly 2:00 pm unless otherwise specified in your booking confirmation.
14. Check-out time is strictly 10:00 am unless otherwise specified in your booking confirmation.
15. Late check-outs are not permitted unless by prior agreement in writing. Additional fees and charges may apply to late check-outs.
16. Information about the collection and return of keys is specified in a pre-arrival email sent the day before your check in date.
17. If on your arrival to your accommodation there are items that need attention please contact the office immediately so we can rectify.  If maintenance is required access must be granted at the first available opportunity to rectify the issue.  We reserve the right to rectify any issue and that no refund or relocation is allowed.

18. At the completion of your stay, the property must be left in the condition it was in at check-in, including but not limited to:
(i). Washing and returning all kitchen utensils, crockery, glasses and cookware to their original location;
(ii). Returning all furniture to its original location;
(iii). Cleaning the BBQ, if any;
(iv). Removing all rubbish and placing it in the external bins provided; and
(v). Locking all windows and doors.

Nature of booking

19. You acknowledge that, subject to these terms and conditions, a valid and fully paid booking:
(i). grants a limited licence to occupy the property for short term holiday accommodation during the agreed booking term for the guests specified in the booking; and
(ii). does not constitute a residential tenancy.
21. You acknowledge that, to the extent permitted by law, any description of the property:
(i). is indicative only;
(ii). is not a warranty in respect to the location, aspect, size, nature, quality, finish or condition of the property or any contents;
(iii). if inaccurate, does not give you a right to cancel or change your booking unless such description is materially misleading.
22. If your booking becomes unavailable for any reason outside our direct control we will-
(i). endeavour to arrange replacement accommodation; or (if unavailable only)
(ii). refund the payments you have made (which will be the limit of our liability to you); and
(iii). not be responsible for any other losses, costs, damages or expenses however described.
23. Noise or disruption from maintenance, construction or public works on nearby property is not grounds for cancellation of your booking or compensation. Where we become aware of such works prior to confirmation of your booking, we will endeavour to inform you.
24. You acknowledge that it is a condition of your booking that you hold appropriate holiday insurances in respect your booking and holiday.

25.  Our holiday properties do not cater for school leavers or “schoolies”.

Use of the property

26. You will be required to nominate the number and age of guests staying at the property when booking, which must be no more than the maximum stipulated for the property or each bedroom on our website and that the majority of guests are over 21. You are responsible to ensure all guests comply with these terms and conditions. The property is to be used for holiday accommodation only. The use of a property for business or commercial use, special interest groups, including schoolies, weddings, functions, pets, parties of more than [5] guests or any other like gathering are strictly prohibited unless with our prior written agreement. Should it come to our attention that a booking has been made or a property is being used in breach of this clause, without limiting any other provision in these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time, refuse key collection upon arrival and/or immediately evict the occupants without refund.
27. You must not damage the property, contents or any associated common property, or cause excessive noise or a nuisance at or around the property. The Holiday Letting Organisation operates a noisy neighbour hotline which responds to noise complaints by neighbours, residents, and other holiday makers. If a complaint of excessive noise or anti-social behaviour is received, security will be dispatched to investigate and may result in a $200 call-out charge. A report will be sent to our office with information as to whether a fee has been charged. This fee will be taken from the security bond and is non-negotiable. If a second security call-out with fee payable is received at any time during a guest’s stay, all guests at the premises will be evicted from the premises by security without refund of rent or bond.

28.  Strictly no smoking is allowed inside any of our holiday accommodation.

Services – cleaning, linen, internet etc.
29. Our properties are not serviced during your stay unless otherwise stipulated in the property description on our website or arranged by prior agreement.
30. Our properties are provided with bed, bathroom and kitchen linen for the number of guests stipulated at the time of booking. Linen hire fees are included in the total tariff. Extra linen may be arranged within 7 days of arrival at your cost, subject to availability. Our properties are cleaned prior to and following your stay. Applicable cleaning charges are included in your total tariff. Additional cleaning may be arranged within 7 days of arrival at your cost, subject to availability.
31. We will endeavour to have repairs to substantially damaged or malfunctioning fixtures, fittings and appliances (“Malfunctions”) attended to as soon as possible after being reported. If repairs to appliances cannot be attended to, we will endeavour to supply a substitute appliance. Malfunctions shall not be grounds for cancellation of bookings or compensation.
32. Internet services are not provided unless stipulated in the property description. Where provided they are for the purpose of email, perusing social media, and web browsing only, and not for video streaming or downloading e.g. movies/shows. Usage is not unlimited and excess usage may be charged and deducted from your bond
33. During your stay, our staff or tradespeople may enter the property to carry out an inspection or to complete repairs or maintenance. We will endeavour to minimise any inconvenience and give your prior notice where possible.
34. You indemnify us and the owner of the property in respect of any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, costs, damages and expenses arising in connection with your stay at the property.
35. You release us and the owner of the property in respect of any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, costs, damages and expenses arising in connection with your stay at the property except to the extent of any negligence on the part of the released party.

Booking Changes
36. We will endeavour to accommodate requests for changes to your booking. However, any changes to your booking later than 24hrs from booking confirmation will constitute a cancellation of the original booking and additional booking fees and accommodation charges may apply.
37. Bookings are not transferable. and changing dates of stay constitutes a cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel any online or booking that isn’t in accordance with the booking terms for the property or due to owner/operator error and refund any tariff paid where applicable.

38. If you decide to cancel your booking you must notify us by email. If we receive your notice of cancellation more than 60 days before the check-in date, we will refund your tariff less a $150.00 cancellation fee and any non-refundable booking fees or charges. In all other circumstances no refund will be given for a cancellation.  If you have booked through a third party you will need to cancel your booking through them.

39. We respect your privacy and will only disclose your personal information:
(i). to our staff and external service providers to the extent necessary to manage your booking and your stay; and
(ii). to other parties if you provide your consent.

Card Savings for Security Deposits

To confirm the booking guests must provide credit card details as a security deposit.  The security deposit is to the value of $1000.00.

The credit card details are held until after your stay.  If there are damages or excess cleaning noted by the regular cleaners after your departure the total security deposit will be debited from the credit card provided.  A refund will be provided after the damages are rectified. Where the total amount for damages exceeds $1000.00 a $55.00 fee will be payable.